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Ditching the diets….The perils of being complacent!

I’m pretty sure that if any of you have been on a ‘diet’ or healthy lifestyle plan, you get to a point where you’re happy and then complacency starts setting in…

This has been partly true for me for the last couple of weeks particularly where exercise is concerned. I’ve lost the inches and overall I’m happy with how I look, so even though I’d promised myself to exercise this week, I made excuses not to.

What annoys me about this more than not being as toned as I could be, is the effect its had on my mind and body. I’ve had far less energy as ive not been using starch to aid recovery and my back is starting to ache again, something that was almost non existent when I was doing the body weight exercises so my core must’ve weakened again. What’s worse than that though, is wearing a fab dress and a beloved pair of killer heels to a wedding reception, then having to sit down because my back can’t cope with the heels, nothing comes between me and my heels, no amount of blisters, tottering, or walking like ive had an ‘accident’ can put me off wearing them but a painful back is another matter!

On top of this we had ‘cheat meal’ last night, we had our usual tandoori chicken with rice, but I also polished off some sort of spicy potato dish, now I don’t know for sure but I think there must’ve been wheat in there somewhere because Iiterally felt like id been punched in the gut this morning, not good 😦 there was me being a piglet thinking it would be ok..

So, the moral of the story is – don’t rest on your laurels or for me ‘Dont rest on your lazy arse and don’t eat something if you don’t know what’s in it!’

Happy Saturday everyone!

Ditching the diets…a word about exercise!

Ditching the diets…a word about exercise!.

Ditching the diets…a word about exercise!

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exerci...

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exercises to be performed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so I think I am on day 19 now of the 28 day programme, this week has gone by in a blur!

I have to admit, I’ve not tried as hard as I did last month, my life has seemed to take off at a hectic pace these last few weeks and I’m just trying to catch up! I have mostly managed to stick to the eating plan and this being 7 weeks running is something I am extremely proud of so it’s not all bad news! Now, if only I could organise my time properly, I’d be able to exercise, socialise, run my business properly, spend quality time with my boyfriend and family, do the housework, go to work, and sleep! Phew! I’m exhausted just listing that lot, hmmm I’ve an idea for my next 28 days to……

……The problem with me is that instead of introducing new things to my life one at a time, I tend to try to do too many things at once and as you can imagine I end up dropping a ball, sometimes all of them lol, the ball that has been dropped this month is exercise….

I’ve only exercised twice in 2 weeks! (hangs head in shame) to be honest I could have probably fitted this in if i had tried hard enough to organise my time and had been motivated enough but alas I havent. The annoying thing is that It’s only a 20 minute workout that I can do in the comfort of my own home and when I’ve done it I feel great, you wouldnt think that a 20 minute body weight or dumbell  workout would make such a difference but it does!

So, next week I’ve got another busy week, I’m busy at least 2 evenings and I’m working the weekend, so instead of trying to exercise every day, I am going to exercise three times next week, if I can fit any more in then that’s a bonus!

That’s absolutely no point in feeling guilty doing the Ignite programme, it’s about what works for you, and if we never fail at things we never move forward, if I had achieved everything I wanted to on this programme, I’d have nothng to talk to you about! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying this for yourself go to and find out how to change your diet and lifestyle for the better and for good!

Happy bank holiday everyone!

Ditching the diets….setbacks – having a ‘Bridget Jones’ moment…..

Ditching the diets….setbacks – having a ‘Bridget Jones’ moment…...

Ditching the diets….setbacks – having a ‘Bridget Jones’ moment…..

I’m currently sat in my dressing down, watching a very sad episode of ‘Who do you think you are?’ eating dark chocolate drops…hang on…..shovelling dark chocolate drops into my mouth and feeling rather sorry for myself.

You see, I found out yesterday that our dear cat Bella was run over and killed, one day short of a month ago since our other cat Maizie was also run over and killed.

Normally the healthy lifestyle would go out of the window during these times and to some extent it has – I’ve been incredibly busy so I havent made enough effort to make time for exercise and last night I just wanted to shut the world out. BUT, I have kept to my eating habits – save for the chocolate drops which I have since put down as I’m just feeling sick now.

At least I can stick to good eating habits through the bad times, I know now that there’s no reason/excuse that will make me go off the rails now, so in spite of this temporary darkness at least there is some light…..

 RIP little ones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





Ditching the diets – embedding good habits, ditching bad ones….

Ditching the diets – embedding good habits, ditching bad ones…..

Ditching the diets – embedding good habits, ditching bad ones….

I’ve mentioned habits in a previous post and how I’ve not eaten wheat or gluten for near on 6 weeks now, I’ve still got a long way to learn with the rest of the good habits but I’m really proud of myself with this.

I have had temptation under my nose all weekend long, it was made even worse by my severe lack of planning. Rushing around last minute like a ‘blue arsed fly’ like I always do, trying to get everything sorted before our trip home to a friends wedding reception (tazmanian devil springs to mind again!)

So, I all I had eaten by the time we got home at 3pm was a protein bar, we had a quick salad and headed to the reception. There were sweets there and being hungry we gave in – now I know they wont satisfy my hunger but I’m a big kid and so it had to be done! There was food brought out halfway through the night – I think it was a meat roast – pork, beef etc, Paul turned to the table with a massive roll of it, we both looked at each other and laughed then proceeded to take the meat out of the roll and eat that – god knows what anyone thought lol!

Then came the rounds of cake which we politely declined 😀

Sunday morning was challenging – bless my mum and dad, I love them but they are totally CLUELESS about food. Unless it comes out of a packet they look at it like it’s some sort of snail, horrified that they might have to ‘make’ something. My dad’s speciality’s are burgers, salad and chips which he thinks he ‘makes’ except its all shop bought, oh and a sunday roast. My Dad’s idea of a roast is cremating the beef until its black all the way through then covering it with black tar (shop bought gravy) then adding some over boiled veg and mash – mmmmmmm think I’ll pass lol. Anyway, all that was in the fridge was some cheese spread, beer, potatoes and tomatoes, and some hot cross buns and digesti

Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque
Some chicken, pork and corn in the barbeque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ves in the cupboard.  I was about to devour the biscuits when I spotted the bananas. I ATE THE BANANA! Wtf is all that about?! I dont even like them that much but I CHOSE THE BANANA – I’ve changed!!!

On the journey back down the M1 we stopped at the services, bought 2 chicken breasts and an edame and pea salad. We peeled the sugar coated skin off the chicken and ate with the salad.

Next stop – sister in laws BBQ. We stopped off and bought our own sausages – best we could find 80% pork – would have never done that before for fear of being awkward. I had sausages and chicken with salad and a tiny amount of lemon meringue pie which i scraped off the base. That would never have happened before!

I do need to plan my meals and snacks more evidently but this goes to show you can socialise and eat on the run without totally blowing everything. I’m proud of what I have achieved and definitely feel this is a permanent change for me – happy days 😀