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28 days to….ditch the diets once and for all!

Ok, so to generalise, if you are female and you love your food but hate diets then this one is for you….

In fact this one is for anyone who is sick of counting calories, feeling guilty about the food they eat and fed up of feeling bloated and unwell.

About 6 weeks ago, this was me, fed up of being pinched  and squeezed by my favourite jeans and having a tummy quite literally full of rubbish, a friend of mine suggested I do the Ignite programme.

The Ignite programme is a 28 day online programme created by the inspirational Jill Gardner and is one of the successful programmes she offers on her website Hate it change it!

The principal behind the programme is to ditch the dieting mindset and instead make a conscious choice to change your lifestyle for the better.


Bold statement? Yes, but I can say this with conviction because I’ve done it . No more cravings, no more bloating, no more guilt and no more comfort eating.

Would I go back to my old lifestyle? No way! In fact I’ve signed up for another 28 days!

It was this programme that has inspired my blog. I made a difference to my life and helped others along the way in just 28 days, so it only seems right that my first 28 days to is about the programme.

I am on Day 3 now of month 2 so this is not strictly going to be 28 days, it will be 24 but hey it’s my blog and I make the rules 😉

To openly share my successes of the previous 28 days, I will happily admit that I lost around 5 inches in total and 2-4 lbs (allowing for time of day and hormonal fluctuations) I will be sharing with you my ups and downs of the programme over the next 24 days eek!

If you want to learn more, you can find out about Jill and her programmes online @

Bye for now!


About twenty8daysto

Hi I'm Claire, I'm 28 and I'm on a mission to try something new every 28 days for 28 days!

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