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Ditching the diets, Day 3, failing to prepare….

….is preparing to fail according to Ben Franklin.

Well to a certain extent I guess that’s true, but some people are brilliantly skilled at ‘cobbling’ something together last-minute, be that a speech, a party, a birthday present etc. I like to think I am one of those people…

…The truth is that I have spent a lot of time planning and a lot of time ‘winging it’ as I like to call it, it seems I work best at whatever ‘it’ is under pressure, I get my best results when I am forced to think on my feet. Whilst this method has worked for me in a lot of areas of my life, there is one where it isn’t working too well and that’s with food prep.

English: Container of Kitchen Utensils

English: Container of Kitchen Utensils (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cooking for me is a chore, a bore and quite often a ‘tour’ of my own kitchen. You would think I would know where to find the salt by now! Being a mere 5″1 Paul often forgets – although I’m not sure how? that I can’t reach the top shelf of our kitchen cupboard where most ‘useful’ things are kept. Hmm, wonder what else he keeps up there?! I digress… anyway what I’m trying to say is that watching me in the kitchen would be like watching the angry Tasmanian devil (does anyone remember the cartoon? whizz around the kitchen covered in whatever it is I’m attempting to cook, f’ing and blinding at cooking instruments, and spending half a century fishing egg shell out of a bowl!

It’s not pretty, Paul says that he enjoys cooking but I think it’s just to keep the peace, he knows it’s not worth witnessing the woman he loves turn into a raging, egg hating, foot stomping psychopath in 0 – 2 seconds!

So when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, where food prep and planning is key, it’s not been an easy ride. If you want to eat well you really need to make your food from scratch even if it is pizza or a cake, at least you’ll know where it all came from. A cousin of mine was once asked in school where coffee came from – his answer ….’Kwik Save’ says it all really!

Closed branch of Kwik Save in Warrington, 13 J...

Where am I now with making my own food? Well I am still ‘cobbling’ my lunches and dinners together, but I do cook up snacks – it’s more like baking which I enjoy (shove it all in a bowl and it’s good to go) I do my own cooking when Paul is not around (less pressure) and I’ve been surprised by my results – it tastes pretty good!

We are complex creatures and it can take a long time to break bad habits and form new ones, so I’ll keep upping my game until one day I will enjoy cooking and then the real fun of ‘cobbling’ something together can begin.

I have just made some crustless quiches and I have some sweet smelling oaty muffins in the oven, but just for you, here’ some bits I made last month on the programme – Enjoy!…..

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Hi I'm Claire, I'm 28 and I'm on a mission to try something new every 28 days for 28 days!

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  1. I love this! I wonder how many other people this will resonate with??? 😀


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