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Ditching the diets…a word about exercise!

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exerci...

An exercise ball allows a wide range of exercises to be performed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so I think I am on day 19 now of the 28 day programme, this week has gone by in a blur!

I have to admit, I’ve not tried as hard as I did last month, my life has seemed to take off at a hectic pace these last few weeks and I’m just trying to catch up! I have mostly managed to stick to the eating plan and this being 7 weeks running is something I am extremely proud of so it’s not all bad news! Now, if only I could organise my time properly, I’d be able to exercise, socialise, run my business properly, spend quality time with my boyfriend and family, do the housework, go to work, and sleep! Phew! I’m exhausted just listing that lot, hmmm I’ve an idea for my next 28 days to……

……The problem with me is that instead of introducing new things to my life one at a time, I tend to try to do too many things at once and as you can imagine I end up dropping a ball, sometimes all of them lol, the ball that has been dropped this month is exercise….

I’ve only exercised twice in 2 weeks! (hangs head in shame) to be honest I could have probably fitted this in if i had tried hard enough to organise my time and had been motivated enough but alas I havent. The annoying thing is that It’s only a 20 minute workout that I can do in the comfort of my own home and when I’ve done it I feel great, you wouldnt think that a 20 minute body weight or dumbell  workout would make such a difference but it does!

So, next week I’ve got another busy week, I’m busy at least 2 evenings and I’m working the weekend, so instead of trying to exercise every day, I am going to exercise three times next week, if I can fit any more in then that’s a bonus!

That’s absolutely no point in feeling guilty doing the Ignite programme, it’s about what works for you, and if we never fail at things we never move forward, if I had achieved everything I wanted to on this programme, I’d have nothng to talk to you about! 🙂

If you’re interested in trying this for yourself go to and find out how to change your diet and lifestyle for the better and for good!

Happy bank holiday everyone!


Ditching the diets….setbacks – having a ‘Bridget Jones’ moment…..

I’m currently sat in my dressing down, watching a very sad episode of ‘Who do you think you are?’ eating dark chocolate drops…hang on…..shovelling dark chocolate drops into my mouth and feeling rather sorry for myself.

You see, I found out yesterday that our dear cat Bella was run over and killed, one day short of a month ago since our other cat Maizie was also run over and killed.

Normally the healthy lifestyle would go out of the window during these times and to some extent it has – I’ve been incredibly busy so I havent made enough effort to make time for exercise and last night I just wanted to shut the world out. BUT, I have kept to my eating habits – save for the chocolate drops which I have since put down as I’m just feeling sick now.

At least I can stick to good eating habits through the bad times, I know now that there’s no reason/excuse that will make me go off the rails now, so in spite of this temporary darkness at least there is some light…..

 RIP little ones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





Ditching the diets – Going against the grain….

This post was inspired by a question that Jill Gardners Hate it Change it asked about people’s reactions to your ‘healthy lifestyle’, and it got me thinking….

I want to make a statement…..

I have not eaten wheat or gluten for nearly 6 weeks, I have not had a carbonated drink, and I have had not had any crisps…………

Peoples reactions to this are utterly fascinating to me. Those who I am close to think that this is great, they know I am happier and healthier and are pleased that I have made positive changes to my life. Other people are inspired by what they think is my ‘will power’. Some people say that it is no way to live and that you have to be able to go out and enjoy yourself, and others think it is wrong of me to eat healthy food because ‘I don’t need to lose weight’ Others don’t know how I can turn down a plate full of sandwiches and cakes when they have been under my nose for a couple of hours (I’ll come back to this in a bit)

These are just some of the reactions/opinions that I have been presented with.

I used to think these people’s opinions mattered, but since I am doing this for me, it is about me and MY body and MY health then surely MY opinion is the only one that matters. I told myself this when I knew I was going to be presented with a plate full of sandwiches and cakes today. I told a white lie – that I can’t eat wheat/gluten and that I would take my own lunch….that took courage.

Tuna salad

Tuna salad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now ‘ll admit that getting a tuna salad out of a bag that contains another bag of frozen peas to keep it cool (no ice packs in the house) was a tad embarrassing, but, it did break the ice (pardon the pun) It also felt somewhat rude to turn down this food that had been laid on for us as if there was something wrong with it. I even apologised for bringing my own lunch! What I want to know is why do we feel bad for making choices that will benefit us? Yeah, sure I could have eaten the sandwiches to ‘fit in’ but I would have felt horrendous afterwards, I thought a bit of embarrassment was worth it.

Anyway, I sat in a room full of people I’d not met before, and I ate my salad, and do you know what? It wasnt the big deal I thought it would be, no one was bothered, in fact I think they admired my so-called ‘will power’

I have not spent 28 days learning how to make myself and my choices ‘matter’ it has been a lifelong battle and it continues to go on, but if you don’t take responsibility for your emotional needs, physical needs and your health, no one else will. So, to make better lifestyle choices, and to take responsibility for your well – being,  isn’t that worth rocking the ‘socially acceptable boat for’?