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Ditching the diets….setbacks – having a ‘Bridget Jones’ moment…..

I’m currently sat in my dressing down, watching a very sad episode of ‘Who do you think you are?’ eating dark chocolate drops…hang on…..shovelling dark chocolate drops into my mouth and feeling rather sorry for myself.

You see, I found out yesterday that our dear cat Bella was run over and killed, one day short of a month ago since our other cat Maizie was also run over and killed.

Normally the healthy lifestyle would go out of the window during these times and to some extent it has – I’ve been incredibly busy so I havent made enough effort to make time for exercise and last night I just wanted to shut the world out. BUT, I have kept to my eating habits – save for the chocolate drops which I have since put down as I’m just feeling sick now.

At least I can stick to good eating habits through the bad times, I know now that there’s no reason/excuse that will make me go off the rails now, so in spite of this temporary darkness at least there is some light…..

 RIP little ones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx





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Hi I'm Claire, I'm 28 and I'm on a mission to try something new every 28 days for 28 days!

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